30 Shards

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-The Premise-

You claim a character or pairing from the anime/manga series, Inuyasha. Then, you write a short story or drabble about that character or pairing using each of the thirty themes provided. It’s just that simple. There’s no timetable, and it’s not a contest. Once you claim someone or a pairing, they’re yours until you’ve done all thirty themes.

All questions or concerns should be directed to: hana_ginkawa.

-The Rules-

1. You may have up to 5 claims, pairings or characters.
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2. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to complete your claim, please notify us HERE so we can remove you from the list.

3. All entries must be behind an lj-cut, spell-checked and have a reasonable attempt at proper grammar and punctuation.

4. Free expression is encouraged. If you post a fic here, expect that you might be receiving constructive criticism (i.e., we don't insist upon only positive, "gushing" reviews). However, flames are not permitted. Flames will be deleted and flamers will be banned. Further, only moderators may screen comments and posts.

5. All entries should contain the various elements of a header, indicated below.

-The Header-

I would like the subject line to look somewhat like this: [Character/Pairing] - [Shard # 1: Legend(s)] - Title, but I'm not going to enforce it.

All entries should contain the following:

1. Title. Because, duh.
2. Character/Pairing, whichever you've claimed.
3. Rating.
4. Squicks (ie. slash/yaoi, femmeslash/yuri, character death, necrophilia, R and NC17 ratings, underage nookie, noncon, excessive schmoop/fluff, etc.)
5. Summary is nice, but not necessary.

-The Themes-
1. legend(s)
2. juggling
3. fate
4. kiss
5. memories
6. victory
7. longing
8. revenge
9. sunset
10. weapon
11. magic
12. advice
13. rain
14. whisper(s)
15. fear
16. friendship
17. soul
18. gift
19. jealousy
20. courage
21. hope
22. jewel
23. karma
24. death
25. lies
26. travel
27. laughter
28. secrets
29. anniversary
30. festival


31. water
32. music
33. lemon
34. child
35. Shikon no Tama


-Current Claims List- (as of April 3, 2011)